Group 497

AMA Recording is proud to have an international staff comprised of Grammy Award-winning Producers, Engineers, Musicians & Writers. Our staff has collaborated extensively with the world’s biggest recording artists.

Dennis Warrington

Born under the zodiac sign of Cancer on July 10th, 1987, Dennis J. Warrington is a native of Castle Bruce, a tiny village on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean: Dominica. He is the youngest of 7 children, born to a loving Christian couple. Dennis was raised in the church where he first took a liking to music. He was also introduced to a number of musical instruments at the tender age of 7, which he has mastered playing over the years.
At age 11, Dennis joined “Genesis”, a gospel band, with whom he started performing live. This experience fostered a deeper appreciation for the way he ministered through song and enabled him to improve his command of the instruments he had grown to love. Over the years, Dennis’ prowess on the keyboards, drums and guitar became more evident and he continues to hone these skills in his musical career presently.
His migration to Anguilla, a smaller Caribbean territory than his homeland, in 2012, did not curtail his musical career; in fact this journey allowed him to blossom as a musician. Teaming up with Darius James and his brother Jonathan Warrington in the band “True Intentions”, afforded Dennis a number of opportunities to showcase his talent. They performed together in and around Anguilla and on many of the neighbouring islands. He has strummed his guitar and tickled the ivories for many well-known artists like Omalie 360 at local hotels, boutiques, restaurants and Bankie Banx at the Moonsplash Reggae Music Festival; where they backed the artist Pressure and many other world-famous artists.
Dennis’ musical career is not limited to singing and playing music; his keen ear for quality singing and rhythms has enabled him to launch himself as a producer. This new ‘cap’ has enabled him produce music for local and regional artists such as Omalie 360, Darius James, Shawn J, Devine Songz and many others.
Dennis currently works as an educator/ engineer/ producer at the Anguilla Music Academy. He also enjoys creating beats and writing music in his home studio. Dennis continues to seek opportunities to improve as a musician and is always open and willing to try new things.

Kevon Mayers

Kevon Mayers is a Florida-based producer, engineer, musician, and recording artist. He has been involved with music for over 10 years, gaining invaluable experience through each person he has met and collaborated with. Kevon is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the piano, guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone, to name a few. His work spans many genres of music, and has been rapidly growing. Kevon has worked with many musicians across the U.S. and in the Caribbean. With a father from Barbados, and mother from the states, Kevon had a very blended upbringing, with a very diverse exposure to music artists. The same is true of his own music, which blends elements from many genres and styles together.

Kevon furthered his musical training at Florida Atlantic University, where he received an audio engineering degree. This degree also included instrumental applied lessons, with piano being the principal instrument he chose. Kevon attributes a great amount of his playing style, approach to chord structure, and melodic composition to the training he received from his piano professors. Musically, he was known for doing a lot of reharmonization of the pieces he played, with many lush and detailed voicings. Kevon became the studio manager of the three recording studios on campus within his first year in the music program, a feat only accomplished by one other individual since the music program was founded. In addition to his duties as studio manager, he ran live sound for many clients throughout South Florida. These clients ranged from bands to full orchestras, and everything in between. Throughout his time at FAU, he oversaw many records and filled various roles on each project, from start to finish. These projects included records for single artists, bands, and also the two-time Latin Grammy nominated group, Quinteto Leopoldo Federico.

Since his time at FAU, Kevon has worked extensively with The Recording Academy/GRAMMYs for various projects, and also started his own music production company, MM Music Productions LLC. He has done much work at the Anguilla Music Academy for quite some time, and had a hand in the construction of, and transition to the new studio facilities. Kevon is known for his creativity, adaptability, drive, and passion. He loves to push artists to reach their full potential, bringing out the best of each project. Having influences from artists such as Robert Glasper, Cory Henry, Oscar Peterson, Jordan Rakei, Leven Kali, The Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, A$AP Rocky, and Kendrick Lamar, Kevon has a very blended songwriting and production style.