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AMA Recording

2021 Tec award nominee

Ensconced on the pristine Caribbean island of Anguilla, AMA Recording is a world-class, state-of-the-art recording facility designed by internationally renowned studio designer, Wes Lachot. Unlike any other destination, AMA Recording makes perfect partners of a luxury creative recording experience and tranquility of being on a bespoke tropical island. The facility features two full production and tracking studios, lounge and reception area.

AMA Recording is housed in The AMA Center – an international haven for innovation, technology and the arts in Anguilla. The 11,000 square foot facility is comprised of two world-class recording studios, a music production and engineering academy, a state-of-the-art video production studio, a technology and coding lab, a gracious multi-purpose event space, and the first GRAMMY Museum® affiliate outside of the United States. The AMA Center is a non-profit organization made possible by the extraordinary philanthropy of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation.

Ocean studio A

With beaming natural light, 11’ ceilings, hardwood floors and variable wood/fabric multifusors for acoustic treatment of the room, AMA Recording’s Ocean Studio A features a huge 21’x33’ tracking room, two large isolation rooms, a Steinway B Grand Piano and a full compliment of instruments. microphones, and state-of-the-art equipment centered around a 32 channel API Legacy AXS Console and ATC SMC200 Monitors/Subs.

Sunset Studio B

Facing a beautiful deep-orange western skyscape, AMA Recording’s Sunset Studio B is geared for music production, mixing and programming as well as tracking. Sunset Studio B features a 9’x16’ tracking space and a spacious control room outfitted with 12 channels of top-brand mic pre’s and Guzauski-Swist soffited monitors.


The AMA Recording facility features a plush Lounge and Reception area complete with a vast array of comfortable seating, an 80″ flat-screen tv, kitchenette area, private bathrooms with showers, as well as a full-equipped office. The 3000 square feet that comprise the Recording Studio area is housed within the larger 11,000 square foot AMA Center complex, which is home to The Grammy Museum, the Production & Engineering Academy, the Video Production lab, the Technology & Coding center, and a large, multi-purpose event space.


The conversation between AMA Founder, Darius James, and AMA Recording Studio Designer, Wes Lachot, dates back to about 2012, well before anyone knew that a project of this magnitude was possible. None the less, Darius and Wes stayed in touch through the years; and when the green-light was given, the choice of who would design this studio was as clear as Anguilla’s waters. To learn more about world-class studio designer, Wes Lachot, please click here:

The Center

The AMA Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the resources to sustainably empower the people of Anguilla and the Caribbean region to compete on an international stage in the areas of the arts, media and technology. Established in 2015 by Founder Darius James as the Anguilla Music Academy, the Center’s 2020 expansion into its new, state-of-the-art facility allows it to greatly extend its scope and reach. To continue the mission of providing transformative programming, scholarships, equipment, and facility enhancements to The AMA Center and those who benefit from its existence, we encourage donations from all sources.


The revenue generated by AMA Recording and other AMA entities goes towards enabling the programmatic and operational capabilities that The AMA Center provides for the people of Anguilla and the broader Caribbean region.
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